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My name is Pooja and I am a  Jewellery Influencer and diamond enthusiast with passion for high-end jewels and diamonds. Being an Indian I was exposed to high-end jewels and sparkly diamonds and gemstones since my childhood and I believe that is how my obsession and passion started! 


I decided to establish an Instagram Profile and write about my views and opinions on different Jewellery, diamonds and gemstones to share with my followers from across the globe

When I left my hometown Delhi and moved to Mumbai, there was no denying my calling, that’s when my Jewellery industry journey began.

Collecting is part of my bloodline, and remains foremost in her career. A love and appreciation for curating treasures was instilled in me at an early age by both my mother, aunt and grandmother. I cherish their antique collections, and inherited several charmed pieces, including some beautiful Indian gold Jewellery.

The name Elusive Jewels means Jewels which are dreamy, one of a kind and difficult to find. I aim at unveiling the most exquisite jewels from all the world

Combing through the makeshift aisles of flea markets to find a piece of Jewellery that catches my educated, scrupulous eye brings to me a sense of gratitude so substantial, it’s almost poetic. Whether it’s moments like these or exploring Jewellery stores around the world, this is where i finds the thrill of the trade, and simultaneously feel at home. 

Follow me on trips around the globe for latest Jewellery trends or find me appreciating beautiful jewels which are rare, vintage, antique, new, and totally memorable. I am always in search for the next shiny thing !

At the moment my Instagram account is the main platform that connects me with my followers, so follow ELUSIVE JEWELS on Instagram to get your daily dose of sparkle!

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